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Divorce Mediation: The use of an impartial person to help people make informed decisions and develop mutually acceptable agreements within a confidential setting.

Not therapy: The goal of mediation is to assist in reaching
agreement - not to solve personal problems.

Not practicing law: The mediator does not provide individual legal advice or
representation but impartially assists clients to create
fair agreements. Attorneys should review and file the
documents with the Court.


Identifies and considers the individual needs of each member of the family.

Benefits children by reducing conflict and assuring them of the love and support of both parents - separating spousal roles from parenting roles.

Helps to develop practical, informed terms that meet all goals fairly.

Is confidential and avoids public disclosure of personal problems.

Provides a safe, impartial environment to discuss parenting and financial issues.

Allows clients to maintain control of the decisions that will affect them now and in the future.

Research shows that compliance with mediated agreements is higher than with court-imposed judgments. Result is less post-divorce litigation.

Summary: A voluntary settlement process is a better way to settle differences that a courtroom battle.


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